Positioning The Simulator In The 3-Point Headrest.

Getting started with positioning the NSTS Head correctly in the 3 Point Headrest

When positioning the Simulator - Rowena consider the following points;

  • Try and keep the pins meridional, rather than a ‘glancing’ position.
  • Ensure that the pins fully support the head, but do not obscure the operative site, and that the bracket does not impede other equipment (such as neuronavigation equipment)
  • Avoid thin skull areas (temporal), eyes, ears, assistants fingers, shunts, old burr holes and cranial defects, midline sinuses, frontal/mastoid sinuses.
  • Apply a pressure of 60psi to the pins for an adult skull.
  • Use your assistant to lock the headrest joints from proximal to distal (head to table) whilst you keep the head in the required position.
  • Finally double check that all the joints are secure before letting go of the head.
3point fixation