Neurosurgical Training Courses & Up-Coming Exhibitions

Below is listed the next Neurosurgical Training course using the Neurosurgical Simulator-Rowena and a list of  Medical Conferences or Exhibitions at which it is exhibited.

Wokshop Basic Neurosurgical Skills

During the workshop you will be practicing your Technical Neurosurgical Skills on a lifelike 3D - Model of the head

Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Friday 15th November 2019             


  • Mr Joroen Boogaarts  [Radboudumc]
  • Mr Erkan Kurt   [Radboudumc]
  • Mr Saman Vinke  [Radboudumc]


Entree  Fee:

  • € 245 per person

  • Lunch and drinks provided

Interested In This Course?

For application details please email: 

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 15.46.36
Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 15.46.54

QMC Craniotomy Simulator Course swith ROWENA

QMC Derby Road Nottingham NG7 2UH

New Dates To Be Announced

(Both Days: 9am - 4pm)              

Realistic Operative Workstation for Educating Neurosurgical Apprentices

Course Convenor: Mr R D Ashpole FRCS Consultant Neurosurgeon, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Course Aimed at:

  • neurosurgical trainees
  • aspiring neurosurgical trainees
  • neurosurgical nurses

Teaching Style: Modular Course Structure

  • Module 1. 3-point headrest and burr holes.
  • Module 2. Ventricular access and ICP bolts
  • Module 3. Basic flaps and fixation.
  • Module 4. Complex flaps and fixation
  • Module 5. Stealth station setup/Axiem use
  • Module 6. Intracranial Ultrasound.

Delegate Numbers:

  • The course is limited to 8 candidates
  • Places are allocated on a "first come - first served basis"

Course Fee:

  • £ TBC per person
  • Catering provided
  • Course Dinner Included


Neurosurgical Simulator-Rowena
Neurosurgical Simulator-Rowena

Interested In This Course?

For application details please email: 

Sharon Martin 

Centre Administrator  


"This is the future; particularly now that the traditional mentorship model is dying" 

Recent Course Attendee


"This is honestly the best neurosurgical course I have been on. It is the only decent simulator for neurosurgery I have seen" 

Neurosurgery Trainee.


" Excellent course, the best, the most realistic simulator I have encountered" 

Senior House Officer



Up-Coming Exhibitions Featuring Simulator-Rowena

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